We’re Not Done Yet

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My team and I spent two hours last Monday finalizing our 90 Day Business Plan, the plan that will make the 4th Quarter our best ever and close out this crazy year on a positive note.  The week before that our business coaching clients spent half a day reviewing their third quarter results, identifying the lessons to be carried forward, and created their own Q4 business success plans.  The energy in the virtual room was powerful and the ideas and detailed plans that came out of it were inspiring.

Several themes came out of the day that I thought I would share with you here.

Optimism – tons of it.  There were very few excuses, very little finger-pointing, and lots of ideas and strategies for business growth.  I found this very inspiring.

Energy – one of the benefits of our quarterly planning workshops is the positive energy that a group of determined business owners can generate, and how everyone feeds off of each other’s energy.

Hard Work – this group worked as hard as any I have coached through the planning process, helping each other, being accountable, and staying on topic the entire four hours of this Zoom workshop.

Focus – last but not least, I saw and heard a tremendous amount of focus.  Focus on the task at hand, focus on learning from others, learning from our own past results.  Focus on creating a fourth quarter business plan that pushed them out of their comfort zones, so that they can get where they need/want to go now, not next year or never.

If you would like to tap into your Energy and Optimism, and Focus your Hard Work on the right things, call us now or schedule your FREE 90 Minute Business Diagnostic session with one of our coaches.  We will take a long hard look at where you’ve been, where you want to go, and chart a focused path for you to get there.


We’re Not Done Yet