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Business Owners are the lifeblood of the economy. By creating jobs, they help build strong, thriving communities. But we all know that running a business is hard and sometimes you feel like you’re on your own. This is why we have come together with local business owners to share their stories, experiences, and knowledge in the BOSS newsletter.

Every month we tell your stories, with a goal to deliver educational interviews with business owners like you to our community.

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Subscribers get to find out about other business owners and learn from their experiences. The interviewed business owners share their products and services and what they have learned on their entrepreneural journey, providing knowledge and inspiration.

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Only Kentucky and Southern Indiana based businesses are eligible.

There is no cost to you to be interviewed.

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Welcome this edition of the Business Owner Spotlight Series!

In this issue, Logan Cockerham interviews business owners from the Kentuckiana community.

Check out their inspiring stories for tips and insider information on business and how to avoid making common mistakes. Be sure to check out special offers from these businesses!

Most importantly, connect with the companies. Reach out and share that you saw them in the newsletter and build your network. There is business to be done together and none of us can ever have too many connections. 

Business is booming. Let’s support each other through this massive growth period.


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