Planning for Success Step 4 – You!

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As we wrap up the year, I look back, like many of you, with mixed feelings.  2020 was challenging in many ways, most of them new challenges, things we’ve never had to contemplate before.  Many of you succeeded, yet even success was stressful, as we had to grow and change to at first survive, and then to thrive again in new ways.

As we leave 2020 behind and begin anew in 2021, getting back on the growth curve is more important than ever.  Regardless of your industry, it is going to grow again with or without you.  The number one factor for your success will not be your business growth plan, it will be your personal growth plan (and the plan for the rest of your leadership team). You will likely be the biggest single factor in your success this year, so let’s take a look at how that works.

The 4 Step Goal Setting process I outlined in Step 3 applies to your growth the same as it does to your business’s growth. 

1 – Prioritize – What are the top priority leadership skills you need to develop or improve upon this year?  Where were you lacking last year?  Where did you find yourself to be the limiting factor in your pivot/growth over the year?  What kept you up at night because you didn’t know how to handle it? Don’t forget your family as a priority; I have several clients who want to get back to prioritizing their personal lives in 2021.  Think about your health as well – did you let your healthy habits slide during the pandemic? 

2 – Set Goals – This can be harder to do because it can be harder to measure leadership, so spend some real time thinking about how stronger leadership can impact your team and your family.  Setting goals for family time and health are easier, as they can be measured.  Ask your team what they would like to see from your improved leadership.  What are they looking for in their leaders?

3/4 – Make a Plan/Live the Plan – What will you read, what class will you take, who will be your new coach, when are you going to make time for family?  I find that the biggest barrier to personal growth is not the selection of strategies, it is the failure to allocate time for it, so look at your weekly calendar and schedule in some dedicated (and immovable) time for personal development for you and your leadership team.  Schedule family dinners if that’s a challenge, schedule workouts, etc…

If you are ready for your Best Plan Ever, contact us to schedule your FREE 90 Minute Business Diagnostic session with one of our coaches.  We will take a long hard look at where you’ve been, where you want to go with your business and yourself as a leader, and chart a focused path for you to get there.


Planning for Success Step 4 – You!