Is Time Management a Skill?

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As a Business Coach, the number one thing I hear from my clients and other business owners is that they never have enough time.  They all want to be better time managers, if I could just teach them how.  Well there are two problems with that concept, the first of which is that “time management” doesn’t exist…it’s self-management.  The second problem is that all the skills in the world won’t help you with time or self-management if we don’t fix something else first.

That “something else” is your BELIEFS about time and priorities.  All of the tools and techniques out there (the skills part of time management) will only work when you get really good at believing that prioritization works and is meaningful.  I see this most often when it comes to my clients “trying” to set aside time to work “on their business”.  The problem is that this allocated time, more often than not, gets re-allocated to whatever seems to be urgent that hour.

The real problem, the one that prevents us from working on the right things, is that in our minds, we truly do not BELIEVE that working ON our business is the most important thing at that moment in time, and we wait for a “better” time to work on it.  This belief is what prevents all the different tools in our self/time management arsenal from really helping us.  So why do you not believe that your business, your time, your life is important enough to focus on?  We say that we know it is important, yet our behavior gives us away – we simply don’t believe that what we say are priorities really are priorities. So if you don’t believe in your own priorities, how can you expect to act on them? Or get your team to act on them?

If you’d like to know the secrets to unlocking your BELIEFS in yourself and your time, or if you simply need to get better at prioritizing and sticking to your priorities, schedule a 30-minute Strategy Session with one of our coaches.


Is Time Management a Skill?