Is Learning Really Enough?

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As a Business Coach, I am a HUGE proponent of the concept “Learn More to Earn More”, and in fact I wrote an article on this topic in Nov 2019.  What I have been seeing, both in my clients and in other business owners I talk to, is that they have been reading/listening more than ever in an attempt to learn as much as they can to accelerate their results as quickly as possible.  Yet, many of them are frustrated because they are not seeing results.

So I’ll let you in on the little secret I have been teaching my coaching clients the last few months.  There is a step between “learning more” (Step 1)  and “earning more” (Step 2) that is VITAL to your success and growth.  That secret is really simple in concept, but usually frustrating in reality for most business owners.  That step, call it Step 1.5, is simply “Practice a Lot”.

Business owners can be an unrealistic bunch. When was the last time in your personal life that you got a brand-new concept, something you just learned yesterday, perfectly right the first time?  What about the second or third time?  Probably not very often, yet we expect our business and our teams to get it perfectly right, the first time and every time.  You try it, you don’t get the 100% profit improvement the first week, and then you ditch the idea and blame everyone else.

If something is truly worth doing in your business to achieve the business growth you want, it is worth plenty of practice.  Practicing will also keep you and your team sane, with fewer feelings of stress and more positive feelings of teamwork.

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Is Learning Really Enough?