Shawn Herbig, Owner of IQS Research

Founded in 1999, IQS Research serves forward-thinking organizations that are trying to create change. Sometimes this change is internal: increase employee engagement, reduce employee turnover, or create an environment where all employees can contribute. In other cases organizations want to create change that is external: grow their market share, improve education attainment, or improve infrastructure while giving a voice to those affected.

IQS Research knows that every client situation is unique. Even two companies trying to utilize employee engagement studies may be doing so for different reasons. As such, they use engineering precision to design programs to meet your specific needs. There are many different tools and techniques they can deploy to match the needs of a specific situation. By having an extensive cadre of data collection, analysis, and presentation tools, they are able to deploy the specific methods that can deliver actionable results. And as technology changes, their list of tools continues to grow.

In 2008 they were recognized for an effort to create national benchmarks for healthcare reimbursement, winning awards for both innovation and entrepreneurship. Around that same time, their research on childhood obesity and adolescent smoking also appeared in the Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association. More recently, two techniques they developed and pioneered have been recognized by the National Academy of Sciences as best practices in research for transportation, impoverished communities, and EJ research.

Their clients include medium and large companies, entrepreneurs, and government agencies. Through their customized research process they are able to design programs that provide deep insights about customers, employees, communities, or markets.

They don’t stop when the research is finished. They act as a trusted partner to help ensure that the findings are clearly communicated, fully understood, and embraced by those who can most impact change.

In his spare time, Shawn makes his own custom bitters that are enjoyed by his friends and family.

His Key to Success: You have to have a life outside of business; have hobbies so you can turn it off.

His Advice to other Business Owners: You wear a lot of hats, but only one pays the bills so make sure you do it very well.

His Book Recommendations: Thinking Fast and Slow, Predictably Irrational, Mistakes Were Made but Not By Me