Megan Gleeson, Founder & CEO of Sunline

Megan started Sunline in 2006 quite by chance, when she was in the market to start another business that had a very long startup time. A friend in the business brought this opportunity to her attention, a semi-partnership was formed and Sunline was launched.

Sunline is a wholesaler of EIFS (aka Stucco) solutions for the construction industry. They have a wide variety of EIFS supplies, including alkali-resistant EIFS fiberglass mesh, fiberglass lath (a metal lath alternative), EIFS base coat, EIFS finish coat, EIFS weather barrier, red stucco tape, house wrap, sheathing fabric, and more.

Sunline is driven by Megan’s desire to provide amazing service and products that make her customers’ lives easier. The relationships she builds with customers are what sets Sunline apart from its competitors. Transparency and accountability are two of the principles most important to her as CEO.

Her Key to Success: Attitude and personality – people buy from you as a person as well as your product.

Her Advice to other Business Owners: The construction industry is becoming more open to women owners every day, so don’t be afraid to jump in. Don’t “get ready to get ready”, just jump in and get started.

Her Book Recommendation: Tax Free Wealth