Danielle Mann – CEO and Co-Founder of Rivergreen Cocktails

Danielle Mann is an OB-Gyn physician who has been practicing for almost 20 years. During the COVID downtime in 2020, she began experimenting with cocktails in her kitchen while learning about the explosion of ready-to-drink cocktails. She noticed that gin-based canned cocktails were missing from the market, which inspired her to start Rivergreen Cocktails.

Rivergreen has 3 flavors of gin-based cocktails, with all-natural ingredients (no artificial flavorings) at a slightly higher ABV (12%) than the typical off-the-shelf cocktail. She had to self-manufacture because nobody local was willing to use real ingredients to make her drinks. She now has her cocktails in over 120 stores.

Her Key to Success: Determination – her passion to see this through to the end. Have an end goal and do what it takes to get there.

Her Advice to other Business Owners: Just do it, jump in with both feet. Network and meet other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Her Podcast Recommendations: “VC Minute” and “How I Built This”