Christopher Ott, Owner of Ott Communications

Ott Communications got its start when Christopher’s father moved his advertising business from the Chicago area to Louisville in 1968 to be closer to his primary clients, like KFC, GE, and Thomas Industries. After a short while he formed Ott Communications to better serve his clients independently.

Through some mergers, Ott Communications has now become Ott Group, which is a full-service agency including traditional advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and any form of marketing or advertising you can think of.

Christopher explains how his company has evolved over the years from the old-school “Mad Men” type of agency, into a modern tech-based agency. They employ specialists in many areas of advertising and marketing, but have found a particular niche in creating digital signage for convenience stores.

His Key to Success: Adaptability

His Advice to other Business Owners: Don’t be afraid to work

His Book Recommendation: Working Class Mystic: A Spiritual Biography of George Harrison by Gary Tillery