Christian Allan – Tailor Made Pest Control

Logan Cockerham: So Christian, when people ask about your business, how do you describe what you do?

Christian Allan: I tell people I kill things. I kill insects, spiders, termites, ants, and bed bugs. We also trap and remove animals like mice, possums, and groundhogs. If it’s a pest, we take care of it. We’re here to make your home or business pest free.

Logan Cockerham: Okay. And how long have you been in business?

Christian Allan: We started the business in October of 2021.

Logan Cockerham: And how many employees do you have?

Christian Allan: Two.

Logan Cockerham: Where do you want take your company long-term?

Christian Allan: I’d like to grow it to a few branches, maybe across different states – Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. I want to be doing at least a couple million a year.  

Logan Cockerham: What did you want it to become when you started in 2021?

Christian Allan: I wanted it to become a billion-dollar company!

Logan Cockerham: Who is your target market?

Christian Allan: We are primarily a residential pest control company.

Logan Cockerham: What problems are you solving specifically for your customers?

Christian Allan: Generally when people call us they are hysterical. People are upset, angry or terrified. Afraid because they’re feeling intruded upon in their personal space. We’re here to help them promptly and effectively.

Logan Cockerham: What’s your biggest learning from the pandemic and how has your thinking changed in regards to business over the last two years?

Christian Allan: Well, the pandemic was awesome for us. We were essential!

Logan Cockerham: All right. I have one last question for you. What is most inspiring to you?

Christian Allan: I guess what motivates me is making more money. You know, everybody has an issue with big companies. I don’t have an issue with big companies. I’m a small fish in a big pond, but eventually I want to be a big fish in big pond.

OPC and Black Diamond are two local companies that are in the Top 100 nationwide. I think OPC is about 70th in the country for pest control companies. They all inspire me to be better.

To learn more about Tailor Made Pest Control, visit their website.