Alex Vogt – Co-founder of Awry Brewing

Alex is one of 3 partners who co-founded Awry Brewing. Alex started out making his own craft beers in college, and got the seed of an idea when a friend asked him if he was going to open his own brewery.

Alex met co-founder Tyler Martin when they were both bartenders. They both worked for other local brewers to learn both the brewing side and the business side of the craft brewing world. Along their journey, they met lots of other people who wanted to “partner” with them, but when push came to shove, most of them weren’t serious. They finally met Tom Bartle, who had a corporate sales background and good business sense, and he made the perfect 3rd partner.

Awry Brewing opened its first location in the Summer of 2023, serving their brews and pub food. Their décor is not the usual brew-pub style and features designs by local artists. For example, each bathroom has a different theme, one selected by each partner, none of which are beer-themed. With 12 taps, they have 11 beers available plus one non-alcoholic option.

His Key to Success: Perseverance, just keep getting back up. Never stop trying and you never really fail.

His Advice to other Business Owners: Know your target audience, know exactly who you will be selling to, so you can market towards them.

Book Recommendations: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.