Planning for Success Step 3 – Create Your Goals

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No surprise, a lot of businesses missed their goals this year, but would it surprise you to know that many also exceeded theirs?  Some were fortunate enough to be in industries that thrived in the current business environment, others simply looked at where the marketplace moved to and moved their business in that direction and hit or exceeded their goals.  They never gave up on them, they simply pivoted their mindset and their business, because they still wanted to achieve their goals, they just had to find a new way to do so.

Here is my simple 4 Step Goal Setting Process.

1 – Identify your Top 3 Priorities.  Priorities are 1-3 word phrases that could be considered the company’s themes for the year.  Every goal, every strategy, and every action plan should be in the context of one of your priorities.  This is a way to help you bring yourself and your team back on track when distractions and disruptions try to take you away from working on and achieving your goals.

2 – Create your Goals. SMART Goals should be created in each of the 6 Pillars of your Business – Sales, Marketing, Operations, Team, Finance, and Services/Products.  We have already created our financial goals through the budgeting process, so now we look at the other 5 areas of our business and identify what we would like to achieve in each area. Remember, a goal is an outcome, a measurable or observable result, not just something you want to do.

3 – Identify your Top Strategies.  Strategies are what you are going to do, at a high level, to achieve your goals.  For example, sales training is a strategy to increase your sales to hit your sales goal.  Each goal should have 1 or 2 key strategies you are going to use to achieve them.

4 – Create the Action Plan.  This is simply “who does what by when”, a more detailed plan for the implementation of the strategies you selected.  I recommend planning at this level in 13 week chunks (quarterly).

If you are ready for your Best Plan Ever, contact us to schedule your FREE 90 Minute Business Diagnostic session with one of our coaches.  We will take a long hard look at where you’ve been, where you want to go, and chart a focused path for you to get there. 


Planning for Success Step 3 – Create Your Goals