Now What?

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So you’ve spent some time writing down your 2020 Goals, then like our clients do, you maybe even put some more detail into a Q1 plan.  You have Goals, Strategies, Plans, etc…, so Now What?

Setting goals helps us in so many ways, most of which are unconscious, and the best way to get the most out of your goal setting efforts is to complete the following 3 steps.

1.  Share your goals with everyone you can.  If you have employees, make sure they know the company goals (and department level goals is applicable).  Let your significant other know, your children, your best business-owning friend, everyone you can think of to help you feel accountable to act and achieve your goals.  Tell the world if you dare!

2.  Review your goals at least once a day. Read them out loud if you can.  Review your goals with your team at least once per week; don’t let anybody forget what the goals are.  Talk about them, make sure that work assignments are aligned with goals.  Use your goals to establish clear priorities so that you and everyone else chooses the right things to work on at any given point in time.

3.  Celebrate your Wins along the way to achieving each and every goal.  We always find time to talk to the team when things go wrong, but make sure you make the time to recognize their achievements along the way.

If you need help setting goals, join us for our next GrowthCLUB to learn the easiest system in the world for setting goals for yourself and your business.

Author: Mark McNulty, Business Coach in Louisville, KY


Now What?