Is Your Team Ready to Take the Field?

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We are all eager to reopen our businesses and our economy.  You have the new signage, hand sanitizer stations, and have redone the layout of your facility.  Your team, however, missed Spring Training.  Even people who continued to work from home may have lost some conditioning to work as a team.

Are Drills the Answer?

Not exactly. You will need to practice new routines to reconnect people.  There are challenges.  You may have a mix of people who are working in the office and those who continue to work from home.  The challenge here will be to keep everyone on the same team, avoiding the We versus Them mentality. 

Some offices will be using staggered schedules.  While this may be a great solution for social distancing, it is not without challenges.  Make an extra effort to schedule fairly.  It may not be possible to accommodate everyone.  Communicate the how and why of your decisions.   

Are You in Shape?

Now is the time to keep your empathy strong.  Understand the strains taxing your employees, whether it is from child or elder care, or loneliness.  Share your emotions.  It’s OK to let your team know that you struggle too. 

Avoid the temptation to rely on the same people as your source of information.  Just as each position needs to perform for the team to win, each team member has something of value to offer.  As the Coach, make sure everyone knows who the Team Manager is and who is the Equipment Manager. 

Be Ready to Win!

Keep your team connected to you and to each other.  We are missing those spontaneous interactions that are often the key to creativity and productivity.  Create opportunities for interaction.  Be extremely clear on expectations.  Communicate frequently and with intention.  Be ready to offer support.  Finally, remember to celebrate the Wins!

If you need help thinking through how you are rebooting your business, we are offering 10 hours per week of free coaching sessions to help you figure it out.  You can request yours here.


Is Your Team Ready to Take the Field?