Hero or Horror?

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If you are not sure which one you are, keep reading.  While our office spaces may look different these days, the need for true leadership has not changed.  Hero leaders are listening to the concerns of their employees, even admitting their own struggles with quarantine issues.  These leaders are continually communicating expectations, as well any changes going on whether they are project related, company or community related.  Heroes are accommodating flexible schedules and the needs of employees with challenges to returning to the workplace.  They are tracking output, not hours.  They are demonstrating that they care about their team as people, not only employees.  As a result, their teams are productive, engaged, and loyal.

This week I heard two horror stories.  A former employee of mine asked me to provide a reference for her, which I was happy to do; however, I was curious.  She has only been in her current role less than six months and had been very excited about it.  Regrettably, we have experienced some violence with the protests happening in our city.  This lady needs to walk past the protestors to get into the office.  She hasn’t minded the heckling.  It was the shooting that took place 15 minutes after she had walked by that frightened her.  When she requested to work from home, it was a firm “no” from her employer.  That is a privilege reserved for managers only.  She is looking forward to starting her new position with another company.

The next story comes from a young man who has been very successful doing outside sales for three years with a nationally known company.  They start the fiscal year with team meetings, which were done virtually last month. “Paul” logged into the meeting and was surprised that no one else from his team was in the meeting.  That is how he found out that not only did he have a new job doing telemarketing exclusively, he was also switched from salary to hourly and as an added incentive, his pay was cut. “Paul” is currently using his vacation days before he puts in his two-week notice.

We are in uncertain times.  Be certain that you are a Hero to your team. It’s really not that difficult, and you can be certain of the results. 


Hero or Horror?