Management Masterclass

Management is a process, Leadership is an art form.
Growing businesses need people who are great at both skillsets.

Next Session: June 17, 2024


What to expect

12 Weekly Sessions | 1.5 Hour A Week | Lessons |
+ Accountability

Management is a process, Leadership is an art form.  When you understand these two concepts, you can properly understand how to build your business internally. In this 12 Week Management Master Class, we will be diving deep into the guiding principles to implement. 



As your business and your team grow and you begin to have the right people on your team, it’s time to look at the difference between management and leadership.


Management is a process, straightforward and simple to understand, yet it takes time to properly implement.  


What You’ll Get


12 Training Sessions

Break down the management skills you need to learn into practical and manageable segments.



Training is delivered in self-paced format with videos, and activities to help make learning more in depth and comprehensive.


Workbook & Planning Tools

Additional resources, reading recommendations and planning materials makes learning more valuable.

What to Expect


Management vs. Leadership 

Every business needs both managers and leaders. Learn the difference between the two and when each skillset is used in working with a team.


Individual vs. Department 

Know the individuals on your team as well as what your department/business needs to be successful. Learn techniques to develop the team you have and ensure you have the right people on the bus.  


The Power of Planning 

Management comes down to systems and accountability. Together, we guide you through the process of weekly and daily planning for your team to ensure their individual success.  



True communication is the response you get. Learn the skills to adapt your communication style to communicate in the way your team wants to be communicated with. Watch as tension lowers and productivity rises.   



Build a Productive Team. This course is all about action – each week is designed to give you strategies and tools to use in the week ahead and accountability from the coach to ensure results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does It Start? 

The next class will begin on June 17, 2024. Classes will be held via Zoom on Mondays from 1:30pm – 3:00pm Eastern Time each week as a group. Classes will conclude after 12 sessions (12 weeks), taking holiday weeks off as needed.  

How do I know it’s for me? 

If you want a rock star team you can depend on, you need to put your management team through this 12 Week Management Master Class. 

What is the Time Commitment? 

Class sessions are only 1½ hours per week. In addition there is light homework that can take up to 1 additional hour each week. Most homework items fit into your daily routine as you implement what you learn.

How much do I have to participate? 

A core tenant here at ActionCOACH is 100% participation. When you give your all, you will get more back in return. The most successful graduates of this program come prepared to participate each week. 

When can I get started? 

Right away! We are only taking 12 total for each session – secure your seat today and prepare for the start date. You can email or call him at (502) 625-5859 if you have any questions or to choose an alternate start date.   

Does my location matter? 

Nope! As long as you have access to a computer (with webcam) and internet, you are welcome to join. We love working with managers all over the world!  

How much does it cost? 

It’s just $400 per month for 3 months, per attendee.

What if I have to miss a session?

The sessions will be recorded for you and we will send you anything you missed…but you’ll get a much better experience if you attend as much as possible and participate in the discussions.


Unleash your leadership potential with our Management Masterclass– enroll now and transform the way you lead and inspire your team!

Start Date & Time: June 17, 2024, 1:30pm – 3:00pm Eastern

If you have any questions or need to work out a different class schedule, contact Mark McNulty at (502) 625-5859, or email him at