Customers Wanted

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Wanted: Customers – No Experience Needed

There are a lot of small businesses who would like to post this sign.  Fortunately, there are other ways to improve your sales, even in challenging times.  For some, marketing during a pandemic doesn’t feel right.  The reality is that we need a strong economy.  Your goods and services are a part of that.  We may be at home, but life and business has not stopped completely.

What do I say?

You do need to shift your message – life has changed. Put the focus on people versus products.  Showcase customers and employees.  (We are open and smiling behind our masks!) Show how your products or services can help people.  (Healthy at Home Starts with a Clean House!) Your message may be simply to educate people and share resources.  The important thing is to keep your business visible to your customers.  Don’t leave them wondering whether or not you are still in business.

Keep the message, and your attitude, positive. Panic and worry never helps. Be calm and empathetic.

How do I Get the Word Out?

Start with your social media.  Update your website and Facebook pages with your current hours, any restrictions, and any safety precautions you are taking.  Explain how you are protecting customers and staff. If there will be delivery delays, be sure to communicate that.  Customers will understand restrictions if they know the why, and that ultimately you are doing it for them and for the good of your team. Be mindful of the reluctant in-person shopper and be prepared to accommodate them. 

It’s time for you to write a blog and record a video to post on your social media and website. Yes, you. Who else is the expert? This is not a research paper, you only need to write 300-400 words or record a 3-minute video.  Be authentic and share your knowledge.  “Hi! Today I want to show you the special deals we have for you this week!” Or “Today I want to talk about indoor air quality.”

Feature products that your best customers buy regularly.  Haven’t seen them in a while? Send a personalized email inviting them to visit in person or online.  Reward their loyalty with an incentive to be a repeat customer.  Remind your customers of all the products and services that you offer.  

Each of these actions will shift your business from wanting customers to welcoming customers.  Need more help? Contact your Action Coach today.


Customers Wanted