12-Week Business Masterclass

Drive your business results in a new direction in only 12 weeks!

Next Session: August 2024

Classes will be held online.

A Master Class for Business Owners with 12 Weeks of targeted strategies to transform your business.  Dynamic weekly sessions which build on each other.  You will learn practical and easy to implement strategies to affect immediate change in your business.

This class is centered around helping you build a business that works for you. Because business should give you more life.

What's Included


12 Training Sessions

Break down business strategies into practical and manageable segments. Each week you’ll be driven to take concrete actions, putting these invaluable growth strategies into practice.


Group Accountability

During this program, you will collaborate with your coach and fellow business owners, all sharing a common goal—to grow your business reliably, with predictable profits and systematic processes.


Training Resources

We’ll provide additional resources, videos, reading recommendations and planning materials to make your learning more valuable.

Pogram Overview

Week 1

6 Steps to a Better Business

These are the fundamental areas of your business you need to master for predictable profits. Identify the person you need to be, in order to do what needs to be done, and thus ensure reliable growth. We will place significant emphasis on your Financial Mastery, establishing predictable systems pertaining to your break-even point, profit margins, reporting, and KPIs.

Destination Mastery

Destination mastery​ is all about your end goal.

When will your business be finished​?  What will it look like when you’re done?

We’ll help you fine tune your company’s vision​ and mission statement​.

Time Mastery

Time is your most valuable asset. We’ll delve into Time Mastery, enabling you to effectively plan and delegate, freeing up valuable time for your priorities. We’ll provide you will tools to study your time, prioritize effectively, and self-manage so that you don’t fall prey to distractions.

5 Ways and Conversion Rates

•5 Proven Ways To Increase Your Profits​

•7 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate​.

Lifetime Value and Average Value of Sale​

How to determine Customer Lifetime Value and Average Value of Sale, why they are so important, and 7 ways to increase your average value.

Repeat Business and Margins

5 reasons to focus on repeat business and 7 ways to foster repeat business. 5 reasons to focus on margins and 7 ways to grow your margins.

Target Market and Leads

Develop your target market by identifying your ideal customer and developing target methods. 7 ways to grow your leads.


The power of leverage, checklists, how-to-systems, and the 4 ways to make your business work more effectively and efficiently.

Six Keys to a Winning Team

  1. Strong Leadership
  2. Common Goal
  3. Rules of the Game
  4. Action Plan
  5. Support Risk Taking
  6. 100% Involvement/Inclusion

Management and Leadership

• Management vs. Leadership
• Point of Power
• Management focus
• Leadership focus

Financial Mastery

• Wealth Mindset
• Key mastery areas
• Profit & Loss
• Balance Sheet
• Break Even
• Cashflow
• Investments

Dream, Goals, Learn Act + BE DO HAVE

What does success look like for you and your business?

The formula for success.

Program FAQs

When does it start and where is it held?

The next class will be in August, 2024.  We’ll be nailing down the specific dates and times soon. The class meets for 1½ hours, once-a-week, for 12 weeks.  Classes will be held Online via Zoom, as a group. Classes will conclude after 12 sessions (12 weeks), taking holiday weeks off as needed.

Is it for me?

If you’re a small business owner who needs to learn the fundamentals for reliable growth and predictable profits, this class is for you.

What is the time commitment?

Class sessions are only 1½ hours per week. In addition, there is light homework that can take up to 1 additional hour each week. Most homework items fit into your daily routine as you implement what you learn.

Does my location matter?

Nope! As long as you have access to a computer (with webcam) and internet, you are welcome to join. 

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