Tracy Caufield Johnson, President of Caufield’s Novelty

Caufield’s was started by Tracy’s grandfather Keran around 1916 as a Photography business, where they invested a small amount in novelty items to sell to people while they waited for their photos. Magic tricks and practical jokes were extremely popular and soon enough outpaced the photography business in sales. In 1920 the business became Caufield’s Novelties.

Today, Caufield’s is one of the oldest and largest theatrical distributors in the nation, actively stocking thousands of items. Caufield’s manufactures, imports and distributes merchandise to locations across the nation and the world abroad.

Their unique store in Louisville has become a destination for both tourists and locals because of their unusual items, displays, and events. Unusual is what they do best!

Tracy, her brother and her sister-in-law are now third-generation owners of the business. To manage the family dynamic, they each have their own areas of expertise they are responsible for, and support each other with split duties, communication and coordination.

Her Key to Success: Being willing to change as the world and your customers change.

Her Advice to other Family Business Owners: Find a good core group of people outside the family to get input and new ideas from.