Stacy Roof, President & CEO of the Kentucky Restaurant Association

Stacy joined the KRA in 1995 when she replied to a blind ad for an Administrative Assistant position. As the years went by she took on more responsibilities, some official, and some because that’s how it works in small business/organizations. She was named CEO in 2000 after five years of event planning, communication, liaising and in general doing a little of everything to help the association grow.

The planning for the Kentucky Restaurant Association began in early 1963 between the Louisville Restaurant Association (formed in 1933) and the Bluegrass Restaurant Association (formed in 1960). The membership of these two local restaurant associations, which included Col. Harland Sanders, Ed Hasenour & Fred Kunz Sr., became charter members of the KRA, with Albert J. Grisanti of Casa Grisanti as the first president. In 1964, the association was very small, now there are almost 1000 Members.

The Kentucky Restaurant Association is a non-profit organization, run by its members. A Board of Directors, all members of the KRA, runs the Association. Each year elections are held to elect a new Chair-Elect, and all other officers move up in their board position, with the current Chair moving to Immediate Past Chair. Committees are formed to help with the wide range of activities the KRA is involved in, from student scholarships to legislation to expos & “Tastes”. These committees are also made up of members, who want to actively participate in the Association.

The state headquarters, located in Louisville, has a staff available to help with the organization of events & meetings, keep members informed of the benefits, lobby for restaurant issues in Washington and Frankfort, and help members with the daily questions and problems in their businesses.

Her Advice for New Restaurant Entrepreneurs: Join the association to learn from those who have been there, done that, to make sure you succeed. Surround yourself with professionals.

Her Key to Success: Develop and maintain relationships; be available.

Her Book Recommendation: Made from Scratch by Kent Taylor