Sean Madden, Founder of Elevator Strategic Hub

Sean Madden is a serial entrepreneur who started out in the elevator industry as a helper and moved his way up to engineer, supervisor, and eventually owner of his own company. After selling his company for more than double market value, he then started Elevator Strategic Hub as a way to make a difference in the industry.

Elevator Strategic Hub is a platform which addresses the isolation of Elevator Industry Leaders at the top of the business world. Their network enables elevator industry leaders to connect with peers who genuinely understand the challenges and pressures faced by executives in the same industry.

Alongside peer access, they connect their clients with resources and services designed to help them grow their businesses and effectively address a variety of industry challenges. They provide specialized elevator industry resources and connections to foster personal, career, and industry growth. Their commitment is to enhance their clients’ business journeys and propel success through shared expertise in a thriving network.

His Key to Success: Communication and Caring – Follow through, do what you say you are going to do.

His Book Recommendation: The 1-Page Marketing Plan