Mark Palmer – Founder of Omythic

Mark Palmer started out studying art, graduating with a degree in Sculpture (mostly bronze and steel), in addition to painting and photography.  Like many artists, he started out as a bartender then graduated to selling and designing Yellow Page ads.  Like all good entrepreneurs, he saw a need for his clients (websites), and after trying to refer his clients to local website development companies, he realized he could do it as well or better technically while providing a higher level of service that he thought his clients deserved.  This was the start of Makespace!, his first of several companies.

One of the things Mark realized about himself was that he didn’t want a lot of employees, so when Makespace! clients asked for more sophisticated services like branding he started OOHology to meet their needs. When that got too big he again went out and started another business to fit his needs, Omythic, a branding and storytelling marketing company. 

Mark listens to his clients, sees their needs often before they do, and has started multiple companies to satisfy both their needs and his own needs to be a storyteller and brand developer.

His Key to Success: Tenacity.  Everybody fails, the winners get back up.

His Advice to other Business Owners: Be the best you can be in your field, be obsessed at being the best you can be.

Book Recommendations: Think and Grow Rich, Pitch Anything, E-Myth Revisited, The War of Art