John Kapfhammer – KapStone Tile and Flooring

Logan Cockerham: So John, when, when people ask about your business, how do you describe what you do? 

John Kapfhammer: We pretty much turn customers’ visions into reality. We provide the workmanship that needs to be done in order to guarantee that our work is going to last for as long as they want to keep it.

Logan Cockerham: Great. How long have you been in business, John? 

John Kapfhammer: I’ve been in business now on my own for eight years. We’ve got two employees that are full-time. 

Logan Cockerham: Where do you want to take your company long term?

John Kapfhammer: That’s a good question. My ultimate goal is to provide my employees and their families with a sustainable livelihood.

Logan Cockerham: What did you want your company to become when you started it?

John Kapfhammer: I’d worked for a bigger company here in town and I knew what the value of my work was, and I just didn’t feel that I was being financially supported in the way that I was looking to grow. That’s why I branched out and became a business owner, because I knew the value of my own work.  

Logan Cockerham: What’s your plan to exit? Do you have a long-term plan?

John Kapfhammer: I want to retire from my company and sell it. But I want to build a sustainable enterprise and help my employees build sustainable lives. 

Logan Cockerham: What’s one mistake you’ve made or lesson learned that other business owners and entrepreneurs can learn from, regardless of their industry?

John Kapfhammer: There really is no competition. The only true competition is yourself. 

Logan Cockerham: Last question John. All topics are wide open. What is most inspiring to you today? 

John Kapfhammer: My older brother. He inspired me to learn and educate myself about the industry, and carry myself in a professional manner. 

Logan Cockerham: Well, John, I appreciate you sharing your story!

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