Greg Trim, CEO of Thermex-Thermatron Systems

Thermex-Thermatron Systems is a company steeped in dielectric heating history with its roots beginning in Louisville, Kentucky in the year 1939. Today’s Thermex-Thermatron is the result of a merger between two companies, “Thermex” and “Thermatron”, both pioneers in radio frequency and microwave heating technology.

The first radio frequency (RF) heating system for industrial applications was produced in Louisville, Kentucky by the newly formed Thermal Engineering Company in 1939, later becoming known as the Thermex Corporation. Thermex’s microwave and radio frequency equipment was purchased for use in fabrication, research and development, adhesives, wood-metal bonding, lumber edge bonding, furniture, ceramics, plastics, food, and shoes. Their equipment continues to be used in many of these same applications more than 80 years later.

Thermex-Thermatron’s team of engineers has developed many new products over the years to assist customers with their manufacturing processes. Equipment ranging from thermal presses to customized preheaters have benefited many industries including educational research and development, automotive, and medical.

Greg took on the CEO role at the company in 2023 as part of the succession plan for the previous CEO.

His Key to Success: Never give up, and practice continuous iteration.

His Advice for Business Leaders: Know your business, your customers, and most importantly, your team.