Dylan Stapp, Founder of Turf Tech

Turf Tech got its start in 2019 when two companies, Tiger Stripes Lawn Care and Beautiful Lawns, merged into one. Ever since then, founders Grant Steier and Dylan Stapp have been curating a team to serve their customers into the future.

Turf Tech’s growth has been fueled by a passion to bring the right people onto the team, whether individual hires or additional mergers with like-minded teams and companies. This has allowed them to bring new and improved services into the market.

They look forward to enhancing the business’s impact on the Louisville community and its residents. Within the business, they are constantly searching and investing in new methods to reduce their carbon footprint. Their goal is to reduce their footprint by half over the next ten years while recycling or reusing debris and products from their day-to-day operations.

Turf Tech invests in new equipment and emerging technology while studying new techniques throughout the season to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the team. These advancements are helping them standardize the high-quality products and services their customers desire.

The motivation of the company is always to get better. Their culture is to keep moving forward; as methods and technology change, they strive to change along with them.

His Key to Success: Always show up.

His Top Business Advice: Never give up. Things will be hard, just keep pushing through.

His Book Recommendation: Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins