Dr. Alice Cash – Founder & CEO of Surgical Serenity Solutions

Dr Alice is a Clinical Musicologist and Entrepreneur whose company provides headphones pre-loaded with therapeutic music for patients going into surgery to help with anxiety and pain management. The end result for patients is lower levels of medication required for pain management, which can be highly addictive if used for too long.

Dr Alice received her PhD in Musicology from the University of Louisville in 1990, and started her career as the first Coordinator of Music and Medicine at U of L.  Her venture into surgery related pain and anxiety management began when a surgical nurse asked her to look into how music could help in surgeries.

A member of the National Speaker’s Association, Dr Alice is a highly sought speaker around the world.

Her Key to Success: Chipping away every day, keeping up her enthusiasm and positivity.

Her Advice to other Business Owners: Keep a regular schedule for Marketing, do it like clockwork.

Book Recommendations: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill