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Stand Up and Stand Out: The Art of the Elevator Pitch

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The Art of the Elevator Pitch

So why master the Art of the Elevator Pitch? For most, networking has and will probably always remain, a crucial key in professional development and business growth. Working with like-minded business owners and to help each other expand reach and visibility is a powerful way to increase credibility and company awareness. If you are someone that is going to play in the Networking game, finding a way to explain your company, your values, your services, and your needs in 30-60 seconds is vastly important. Here are some tips that can help you knock it out of the park.

 Get Specific!

The hardest aspect of developing a great Elevator Pitch is separating important information from Fluff. The best way to do this is to be specific! Consider this question when writing it out – You have an opportunity to stand in front of 50 warm leads that NEED your services, there are 4 of your competitors standing on the other side of the door, what are you going to say to the audience that will make them tell the other 4 to go away. Consider what makes you love your company and what makes you love the industry. Focus on what your best customer says about you when they talk about why they use your company over anyone else. Your clients will oftentimes be the greatest resource in determining your unique value.

 Confidence is Key

Have you ever been to a networking event and seen someone stand up to introduce themselves and absolutely fumble through it? Did that instill awesome confidence in you in their abilities? Not everyone is wonderful at public speaking or even talking about themselves in smaller groups but finding a way to exude confidence is crucial. Practicing and workshopping your elevator pitch with friends and family or even professional peers is a huge step towards making yourself feel and sound confident. Standing up tall and proud is another way to work on your confidence, it will also help people hear and understand you better and will help you grab their attention. The last tip is just one I do for myself but I have heard of others using this tactic as well, find a piece of clothing or accessory that you love or even consider lucky and wear that to your networking events. For me, I have a pair of funny socks that I wear to every single networking event (if they are clean) and it just makes me smile and helps me feel comfortable. Anyone that notices the socks always has to mention it so it also works as a good conversation piece.

 Who do you want to meet?

The most important part of any elevator speech is the Ask. It is also the part of the elevator speech that most people mess up with. When it comes to asking for connections and referrals you also must get specific! Think back to that favorite customer who always uses your service and will always recommend you. Who are they? If they are business owners, what about their business makes them so important to you? Is it the size of their business, the revenue generated, the industry focus, or even just the personality of the business owner? If you are targeting consumers focus on who they are. You really must Niche down to determine who benefits you the most to meet. Finally, do not just ask for “anyone that meets these criteria” or any ask like that. Connected people often have someone that comes to their mind during these situations but if you keep it vague instead of asking for a specific small number, they will start thinking about who else besides that person will fit and completely ignores the first one that came to mind!

The perfect elevator pitch is an important tool for any business owner to have in their repertoire. You never know when you are going to be put on the spot and need to explain yourself or your company to potential customers. If Networking is not your strong suit, click here to book your free coaching session and we can talk about how to make it a skill for you!

Author: Matthew Thomas, Marketing Manager in Louisville, KY


Stand Up and Stand Out: The Art of the Elevator Pitch