3 Things I Learned on an Island in the South Pacific

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I just got back from ActionCOACH’s Global Conference on beautiful Hamilton Island in Australia, and I wanted to share with you the top 3 Learnings that I brought back.

Learning #1: Leaders should share their Vision. The key is, share the vision with everybody.  Make the vision more visible. Share it with your team, share it with your family, share it with your peers, and share it with the world. The more you share your vision, the more people can help you achieve it, and the more accountable you are to your world to do it.

Learning #2: The difference between Intention and Attention. We all have good intentions, but it’s what we pay attention to that actually gets us results. We pay attention to things that are priorities. As leaders, we have to define the priorities and let our team know what the priorities are, so they can pay attention to the right things that will get us the results we want.

Learning #3: Leverage the four key areas of your business: Systems, Marketing, People, and Finance. We went through an exercise where we scored ourselves on each of the four areas of leverage, from minus 10 to positive 10, and then we identified two things we could do in each area to improve our score by just 2 points. If we improve just 2 points in each of those four areas, we can get massive results for our business. 

Author: Mark McNulty, Louisville Business Coach



3 Things I Learned on an Island in the South Pacific